Services We Offer:

  • Plan Design Feasibility ~ Roth and Traditional 401(k), New Comparability Profit Sharing, Social Security Integrated Profit Sharing, Safe Harbors, Company Match, Cash Balance

  • Non-Standardized Volume Submitter Document Preparation (Client Specific; NOT Cookie Cutter)

  • Ongoing Plan Operations ~ Eligibility, Vesting, Loans, Distributions, Retirement Age, etc.

  • Required Discrimination Testing

  • Annual Deduction Calculation & Accrual Determination (working closely with CPA)

  • Participant Disclosure & Informational Meetings

  • Valuations at any frequency

  • Participant Distributions & 1099-Rs

  • Signature Ready Annual IRS Form 5500

  • Plan Terminations

  • Plan Takeover

  • DFVC & other Compliance Resolutions


  • CASH BALANCE services also offered


Services for Accountants or Other Professionals
  • Administration of Retirement Plans for your clients

  • ***Discount offered*** when you are main contact for the clients